Fango is a katnip smuggler who was part of Mac and Molly Mange’s old gang. When Mac and Molly were sent to Alkatraz, Fango and the others went along with Katscratch when he took over the gang. When they came back as the Metallikats and killed Katscratch for his betrayal, Fango and the remainder of the gang attempted to get back on Mac and Molly’s good side by volunteering to join up with them.

But the Metallikats had decided to go solo, so Mac tossed an exploding cigar at the by-now terrified mobsters, which blew up and set the whole building on fire. Luckily for them, however, the Swat Kats detected the explosion and put the flames out with a foam bomb, saving them. Later, a badly injured Fango informed Commander Feral of Mac and Molly’s return, and their next target – Mayor Manx.