Security guards working at MASA. One with a mustache was on duty outside of the facility’s nuclear reactor when Dr. Harley Street came back with “a surprise,” a handful of yellowish slime, which he held out for the curious guard. Suddenly, the young queen Ci-Kat-A shot out and bit his neck, turning him into one of her mindless drones. He wore sunglasses to conceal his insectoid compound eyes afterwards. Although he later chased Ann Gora and Jonny through the facility, they were able to lose him, and his final fate is unknown.

Other MASA guards were taken over by the Ci-Kat-A when Ann and Jonny sought their help. These guards ended up manning laser turrets intended to defend the Space Center from attack, using them against the Enforcers. Although the turrets were destroyed by the Enforcers, none of the guards appeared to be in them at the time. Their fate, as well as that of the mustached guard, following the deaths of all of the Ci-Kat-A is unknown.