Commander Feral: Attack!

(Enforcers fighting a rogue tank in the background)

Ann Gora: That’s the scene here today at Puma-Dyne where dangerous technology pirate Hard Drive has hijacked the Enforcer tank known as the Behemoth. I’m here with Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs. Ms Briggs, why can’t Commander feral seem to stop his own tank?

Callie: The Behemoth isn’t just a tank, Ann. It’s an advanced prototype with a thought-activated arsenal and a force-field. The Commander’s really got his hands full.

Hard Drive: Oh, why the hassle Feral? I’m just giving your new toy a test drive. (laughs) Oh yes, it handles nice. Good suspension too. I can’t even feel the bumps.

Commander Feral: Sergeant! We must have something in our arsenal that can stop that thing?

Enforcer Commando: Sorry sir, Puma-Dyne built that tank to your specifications. It’s designed to handle anything.

(Turbokat flies into view)

Commander Feral: Including the SWAT Kats.

T-Bone: Razor! That tank’s armed to the teeth!

Razor: A Slicer missile should cut it down to size!

(Missiles fails to penetrate force-field)

Crud! That tank’s got a mega-sized force-field!

T-Bone: Yeah? And we don’t!

Hard Drive: So long, SWAT Kats. Happy vapor trails. And as for you, Commander Feral. (taking aim) Hope your insurance is paid up, Commander!

Razor: Launching Scrambler missile, now!

Hard Drive: No! My controls are shorting out!

Razor: Yeah, a million megavolts will do that you little creep.

Hard Drive: No! (controls explode, loses control of the tank)

T-Bone: Yes! (thumbs up)

Razor: Yes! (thumbs up)

Ann Gora: Thanks to the SWAT Kats, it appears Hard Drive has lost control of the tank.

Commander Feral: Ah! (narrowly leaps out of the way of the Behemoth as it rolls over his tank and crashed into a building)

Hard Drive: Ugh…I give up!

Razor: I guess Feral can handle it from here.

T-Bone: Yeah, but it looks like he won’t be getting much of a trade-in on his tank.


Ann Gora: Commander Feral, the SWAT Kats have stopped Hard Drive cold, doing in minutes what your entire strike force failed to accomplish. Any comment?

Commander Feral: Sure I’ve got a comment. Those hotshots stopped him, but at what cost? This important facility has millions of dollars in damage. Do you think the SWAT Kats care?

(Transitions to being watched on TV in Prfoessor Hackle’s lab)

Callie: They care enough to have saved this city. Again.

Ann Gora: Yes. Who knows what harm Hard Drive would have caused. (TV is muted)

Professor Hackle: Such senseless violence. It’s all so disheartening.

Mac: Wow Molly. Feral hates the SWAT Kats even more than we do.

Molly: Why shouldn’t he, Mac? Those fighter jocks make him look stupid at least once a week.

Mac: Hey Doc! What are you fiddling with? You’ve already fixed us up.

Professor Hackle: Not quite my friends. When I activated you I did not know you had gangster personalities. But these computer discs will program out all your criminal tendencies.

Molly: (whsipers) I don’t like the sound of this.

Professor Hackle: The two of you are going to demonstrate how helpful machines can be. See there? Mac, you will be my chauffer. Molly, you will serve as housekeeper.

Mac: (whispers) We gotta get out of here!

Professor Hackle: (gasps) Oh my word! Now those fools have done it!

Molly: Done what, Doc?

(looking at TV, zooms in on background items)

Professor Hackle: They’ve actually built the giant robots I designed for the space program.

Molly: Whoa, now those are robots!

Mac: Yeah, Doc. How come we couldn’t have big strong bodies like them?

Professor Hackle: My Macrobots were designed to explore other planets. But Puma-Dyne wanted to use them for destructive purposes. That was the final straw! That’s why I resigned. But now those fools must be made to understand. (leaves the room)

Molly: All I understand is we gotta get out of here before he gets back.

Professor Hackle: (on the phone) This is Professor Hackle, now you listen to me! My inventions must be used to help kat-kind, not hurt it! (crashing noise, Hackle returns to the lab) Huh? Oh no…

(maid and chauffer outfits lie burning on the ground, and the Metallikats have escaped)

Professor Hackle: Why must my good intentions always lead to disaster?

Molly: Making you a chauffer? The way you drive? Ha! That’s hilarious!

Mac: Hey, it ain’t no stupider than you doint housework! When’s the last time you cleaned anything?

Molly: I can clean your clock, tough guy.

Mac: What a piece of junk, we’ve gotta get some decent wheels.

Molly: Yeah, and then we’re gonna settle our score with Megakat City. Hey, I think they tower out Metalliakt Express to that big salvage yard, remember?

Mac: Do I ever! That hovercraft had enough hardware to waste this whole town! Salvage yard, here we come!

Molly: You a chauffer (laughs again)


(Scaredy Kat on TV)

Chance: (laughing) You show em’ Scaredy Kat! (laughs) I love this!

(crashing noise)

Jake: Chance! (annoyed)

Chance: I’m sorry, Jake. It’s just so funny that- (laughs some more)

Razor: It’s Burke and Murray.

Chance: Party’s over I guess.

(Dump truck dumps scrap right in front of the garage entrance)

Chance: Hey! What are you clowns doing?

Razor: You have to dump it right on our doorstep?

Murray: Door to door delivery, because we like you. (laughs)

Burke: (stupid sounding laugh) This is a junkyard, ain’t it?

Chance: Hey even you know better than to dump that stuff right in front of our garage!

Murray: You sayin’ we’re stupid or something?

Chance: Don’t have to. You just did.

(Metallikats observing from behind a pile of scrap)

Mac: Dueling low-lifes.

Molly: C’mon, let’s get our wheels and blow up this dump. It’ll be a public service.

(both start looking for the Metallikat Express and find it)

Molly: Here it is!

Mac: (pops open the trunk to find a small arsenal) Lookin’ good!

Molly: And this time I’m doing the driving!

Mac: Oh all right. Huh? Sounds hollow (stepping on Hangar door)

Molly: Mac you comin’ or do I leave without you?

Mac: I think I found something.

Molly: What is it?

Mac: I don’t know. But I’m gonna find out what a tunnel’s doing in a salvage yard.


Burke: Miss flying, loser? Maybe I can put you back in the air!

Chance: Go ahead and try it, furball!

(one of Jake’s devices beeps)

Jake: (whispers to Chance) Not now, buddy. We’ve got an intruder alert in the hangar. Do you copy?

Chance: Gotcha.

Jake: I guess we’ll have to finish this some other time, fellas. We’ve got something to take care of.

Murray: Sure you do! (makes chicken sounds)

Murray: (joins him, both laughing as they leave)

Jake: Forget them! Let’s check out the hangar.

Chance: Probably just another junkyard raccoon.


Jake: Raccoon, huh? Well this raccoon turned off our lights.

Molly: Well, who’d of thunk it? The famous SWAT Kats are really just a couple of grease monkeys!

Mac: Payback time, heroes! (laughs and opens fire)

Chance and Jake: (gasp and both dive out of the way)

Mac: Come out and play, SWAT Kats!

Molly: Time for a little “tune-up!”

Chance: Crud! They know who we really are!

Jake: Hey it won’t matter if we’re really dead! We need some firepower. Follow me! (both rush to a secret compartment to retrieve weapons) Much better!

Chance: Ready?

Jake: Let’s rock!

(both return fire and knock the Metalikats back)

Chance and Jake: Yes!

(Metallikats growl and come out of ruble undamaged)

Jake: No…

Molly: Is that your best shot?

Mac: These grease monkeys are a couple of wimps!

Molly: You don’t shoot any better than you drive. I’ll show you how it’s done!

Mac: (laughs) They’re history!

Molly: We better make sure.

Mac: I can’t see a thing. I’m going to infared.

Molly: See, what’d I tell you Mac? They didn’t get far.

Mac: Yeah, call ‘em mechanics or call ‘em SWAT Kats. I call ‘em finished!

Chance: Now! (turns on the lights)

Jake: (fires at the hydraulic machinery, causing the Turbokat lift to come falling down and crush the Metallikats)

Chance: Is it over?

Jake: Are you kidding?

(Metallikat’s severed heads spider-walk away unseen)


(in Feral’s office)

Callie: Commander Feral!

Commander Feral: How can I help you, Miss Briggs?

Callie: You can tell me the meaning of this! (holds up newspaper detailing Feral’s intent to arrest the SWAT Kats)

Commander Feral: I think it’s rather obvious. My men have orders to arrest those destructive vigilantes on sight.

Callie: Now see here Feral, the SWAT Kats have saved this city more times than-

Commander Feral: With all due respect, Deputy Mayor, your SWAT Kats are a menace. They belong in a cell, right next to Hard Drive.

Callie: Commander, just because they smashed your new tank-

Enforcer Sergeant: (interrupts) Commander! The Metallikats are tearing up downtown!

Callie: The Metallikats? But the SWAT Kats destroyed them months ago.

Commander Feral: I guess your heroes aren’t so perfect after all, Ms. Briggs.


Molly: I think you drive better without a body, Mac. But don’t let it go to your head.

Mac: Very funny. This electronic link-up will get us to Puma-Dyne in a hurry.

Molly: Puma-Dyne?

Mac: We neeed new bodies, right?

Molly: Duh! I can’t spend my whole life just shopping for hats! So?

Mac: So, snookums, we’re gonna get into those giant robot bodies and become bigger and badder than ever!

Molly: Oh, I love it! Then we’ll get even with those SWAT Kats once and for all!


(Klaxon blares)

Jake: What can we do for you, Miss Briggs?

Callie: The Metallikats are back!

Chance and Jake: Huh?

Jake: What? Are you sure? (runs to check) I gotta check this out. Aww, crud. Their heads are gone!

Callie: What was that, Razor?

Chance: He said, we’re uh, heading out!


Molly: I take back what I said before. Your driving’s lousier than ever! And it’s giving me a headache!

Mac: So’s your yammering. We’re almost there, ain’t we? Now you take care of the welcome wagon.

(Metallikat Express engages Enforces, making short work of the blockade)

Mac: What are you doing? (Metallikat Express detaches back half that goes rocketing backward)

Enforcer Commando: Clear the area! Now!

(Explosion destroys the remainder of the Enforcer tanks)

Molly: (laughs)


Razor: Callie says the Metallikats are making for Puma-Dyne labs.

T-Bone: Puma-Dyne? Again? What is that place, psycho-central?

Razor: And we’ve got a bigger problem, T-Bone. The Metallikats know our secret identities. The minute they spill the beans out SWAT Kat days are over. Feral will see to that.

T-Bone: Then let’s go out in a blaze of glory.


Commander Feral: Where are the Metallikats?

Puma-Dyne Supervisor: This thing was empty when we found it.

Female Technician: No one could have survived this crash.

Commander Feral: You don’t know the Metallikats.

Professor Hackle: I do, Commander.

Commander Feral: Who are you?

Professor Hackle: My name is Professor Hackle, and this is all my fault.

Commander Feral: Your fault?

My intentions were good, but, I’ll explain later. Just take this. It’s a neural-neutralizer. The only thing that can stop Mac and Molly once and for all.

Molly: It’s Hackle, and he’s talking to that clown Feral.

Mac: So what? Soon as we plug into these super robot bodies nothin’ will stop us! Not even the SWAT Kats!


T-Bone: There’s Puma-Dyne! Time to go headhunting!


Mac: Molly, you ready?

Molly: What, do you think I’m having my hair done?

(Macrobots crash down large hangar door)

Commander Feral: Move! (grabs Hackle and rushes them just barely out of the way)

Razor: You were right T-Bone. Looks like we are going out in a blaze of glory! (as Macrobots open fire on the Turbokat)

T-Bone: Crud! What are those things!

Mac: How do you like our new bodies, SWAT Kats?

Molly: We’ve been working out. (laughs)

Razor: This ought to scramble their brains!

Mac: Hey SWAT Kats! That didn’t even tingle! (laughs)

T-Bone: Razor, those Scramblers fizzled! Better break out the big stuff!

Razor: Mole Missiles, away! (missiles fail) T-Bone, those missiles were diamond-tipped!

T-Bone: Those robots must be made out of some kind of super alloy!

Ann Gora: Looks like the SWAT Kats are turning tail! Leaving Meakat City and the Enforcers are the mercy of the Metallikats!

Mac: Hey SWAT Kats! Come back and fight!

Molly: Unless you want us to spill your big old secret!

T-Bone: Then I guess we have no choice you hoods!

Mac: Heads up Molly! Here they come!

Molly: I’m ready!

T-Bone: Here goes nothing!

Molly: Well don’t just stand there you big lunk, get me out of here!

Mac: And you said I couldn’t drive.

Molly: Just shut your trap and pull!

Mac: Next time, don’t be such a klutz!

Molly: Who are you calling a klutz?

Razor: (boards) Temper temper! I’m pulling the plug on you, Molly!

Molly: Not today you low-life! (escapes to Mac’s robot) Mac!

Mac: Hey! What are you doing here?

Molly: I had SWAT Kat infestation.

Razor: Yeah! I’m sending you two rivet-heads back to the scrap yard for good!

Mac: We’ll see about that!

T-Bone: Razor, I’m gonna try and tie them up.

Razor: Good idea, buddy. That last hit killed my missile systems. But there’s nothin’ wrong with my left hook!

Mac: You fools don’t get it, do you? Nothing can stop the Metallikats!

(Razor’s robot starts to climb a building)

Mac: Two can play at this game! (follows)

T-Bone: Razor, is this another one of your crazy ideas?

Razor: Negative. This is desperation time!

Mac: Gotha! So long, SWAT Kat!

Razor: I’m not going alone you cons! (sets the robot on automatic attack mode and bails as it crashes into the Metallikats robot)

Mac and Molly: (both scream as the two robots fall off the building and plunge into the park below in a fiery explosion)

Razor: T-Bone, come in. I need a lift.

T-Bone: That’s a big affirmative, buddy.


Ann Gora: The two macrobots have been defeated, but not without extensive damage.

Commander Feral: Par for the course where the SWAT Kats are concerned.

(Feral walks down into the crater and finds the remains of the Metallikats and aims the neural-neutralizer)

Commander Feral: Freeze! This is a neural-neutralizer. Hackle designed it to deactivate you permanently.

Mac: Wait, Feral, put that thing down, and, we’ll tell you the secret identities of the SWAT Kats.

Molly: Yeah, we found out who they are!

Mac: And so can you! Just let us go.

Molly: Yeah, that’s the deal. Cause we ain’t gonna be reprogrammed by Hackle, and we ain’t going back to the slammer.

(Feral seemingly considers, but after a moment)

Commander Feral: I don’t deal with scum. (he fires the neutralizer and deactivates the Metallikats, then tosses the gun aside)

Callie: Commander, you surprise me. (walking down into the crater, and places a hand on his shoulder) You could’ve-

Commander Feral: (brushes her hand away) Don’t make a big deal about it. I just didn’t want to owe those two hoods anything.