Morbulus was one of the villains encountered by the SWAT Kats early in their career as vigilantes. He literally has eyes in the back of his head, giving him 360-degree vision and making him difficult to take by surprise.

Morbulus attempted to destroy all the oil refineries in Megakat City, in a spree dubbed by the media as the “Refinery Reign of Terror.” He ended up being defeated by the SWAT Kats, who used a Cookie-Cutter Missile to “cut” the pilot from the cockpit of his fighter jet, seat and all. Grabbing him with the Sky Claw as he fell, they dumped Morbulus into the bay.

However, by the time the Enforcers arrived, all they found of Morbulus was his empty clothes. In his underwear, he slipped away and encountered Dr. Viper, who took him back to his lab in the “dead forest” of Megakat Swamp, where he he explained that he needed the rare biochemical compound Katalyst 99. Although Morbulus offered to help Viper steal it, he balked when told it was in Megakat Biochemical Labs, a building rumored to be “impenetrable.”

He ended up assisting Viper nevertheless, very much against his will, as Viper used his new bacteria strain to mutate the unprepared villain into a hideous giant bacteria monster. In this form, he was totally obedient to Viper, ravenously hungry, eating everything in his/its path, and capable of dividing like a giant amoeba when hit. Although Morbulus technically died in a biological sense the first time the bacteria monster divided, as he ceased to be a single individual after this, he died for good three times over as all three resulting monsters were killed by the SWAT Kats by electrocuting them.

Model Sheets


Morbulus was originally going to be called Occulus until it was discovered that there was already a Marvel villain with that name. As a result, his name was changed to Morbulus although he is still identified as Occulus in the model sheets and storyboards for The Giant Bacteria.