The Cyclotron is a rapid-deployment, two-wheeled, rocket-supplemented, weaponized motorcycle.

The occupant of the second seat of the Turbokat, normally Razor, can slide back and board the Cycltron, which is then launched like a missile from the Turbokat’s bomb bay.

Once on the ground, its protective, aerodynamic shielding retracts, and a number of weapons hard points extend. Featuring weaponry similar to the Turbokat, the Cyclotron is a force to be reckoned with on the ground.

With both one and two seat varieties, the Cyclotron can both compliment the Turbokat’s air activities on the ground, or allow both SWAT Kats to use it as a mission’s primary vehicle. The Cyclotron is also able to launch itself back in the air to rejoin the Turbokat, though oftentimes the Cyclotron is destroyed by unfriendly forces before this can occur, making it one of the SWAT Kats more disposable vehicles.

Two Seat Version

Two Seat Version

The two seat version of the Cyclotron is stored within the Turbokat and is not launched in missile form, instead retrieved from the jet’s interior once it’s landed via ramp or lowering tethers. T-Bone and Razor’s respective roles in the cockpit of the Turbokat as pilot and weapons system operator are mimicked aboard the Cyclotron.

In all of its appearances, the two seat version of the Cyclotron was destroyed before the end of the episode.

The two seat Cyclotron is the primary ground vehicle of the SWAT Kats, and can be used independently of the Turbokat, as evident during the duo’s visit to Professor Hackle’s home laboratory in The Deadly Pyramid.