Puma-Dyne is the center for weapons research and development in Megakat City.

As such, it is often a favorite target for villains, and has earned the rather unsavory nickname of “Psycho Central.” Professor Hackle once worked at Puma-Dyne, prior to becoming a pacifist.

Its inventions have included the Behemoth tank, the Macrobots, the Mega-Detonator, and the Mega-Beam. Its guards wear uniforms similar to those of Enforcer commandoes, suggesting that the Enforcers get at least some of their weapons and gear from Puma-Dyne (in addition to the Enforcer-owned and operated Megakat Defense Center).

As with the Megakat Nuclear Plant (and a few other locales), Puma-Dyne’s precise location changes between episodes. In Metal Urgency and SWAT Kats Unplugged, it is within the city limits. However in Unlikely Alloys it is far outside the city, in the middle of a grassy plains area.

A version of Puma-Dyne was also seen in the alternate dimension in The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats; it appeared to be exactly the same as the “normal” Puma-Dyne, however.