The servant was one of the domestic staff at Moorkroft Manor. Like all of Katrina Moorkroft’s servants, he was capable of transforming into a monstrous gargoyle and would abduct male victims for his employer to drain. In his gargoyle form, he assisted Laszlo in abducting the construction foreman from Skycor Towers.

Later, in his normal form, he waited on Katrina and Commander Feral at dinner the night of the eclipse, serving them fish and milk in goblets, and then went with Otto and Laszlo into the observatory to witness Katrina drain Feral. When the SWAT Kats intervened, he transformed and helped Laszlo in fighting T-Bone, but was defeated when T-Bone dropped a chandelier down on top of their heads. After Katrina was defeated, he turned to dust along with Otto and Laszlo.


He appears in the unfinished season two episode Succubus!, also known as The Curse of Kataluna. Unlike Katrina’s other two servants Otto and Laszlo, he is never given a name.