The signature minions of Dark Kat, Creeplings are pink, winged, gremlin-like creatures capable of flight that possess razor-sharp teeth and an ability to burrow underground. They possess reasonable intelligence, able to operate machines and weapons. They appear communicate with one another verbally using various unintelligible noises, though it’s not known if they have an actual language. Creeplings follow Dark Kat’s instructions without hesitation, able to work in groups to carry out coordinated tasks. An individual Creepling is little more than a nuisance, but when they work or attack in groups they can become quite formidable.

Complete Loyalty

Creeplings have been observed to act mischievously when not under supervision, demonstrating the ability to take amusement, suggesting a level of consciousness that may be close to sentient.

Creeplings are numerous and considered expendable by Dark Kat.

They have been exposed to deadly radiation during the theft of fuel rods and the construction of nuclear weapons for Dark Kat, used as suicide sentries to detonate explosives, and also sacrificed by Dark Kat as a shield against small arms fire.

Despite these instances, the Creeplings are completely loyal to their master, and are a constant presence at his side.