Enforcer control room technicians responsible for maintaining constant contact between Enforcer Headquarters and their units in the field. While searching for the Metallikats during their first appearance, T-Bone tuned in to an Enforcer band and listened to a dispatcher alerting all units to an out of control armored vehicle, which turned out to be the Metallikats Express.

When Dark Kat’s ninjas broke into Megakat Superconductors, a guard triggered an alarm, alerting a dispatcher in the control room at Enforcer Headquarters. He quickly radioed Chopper One to intercept Dark Kat’s Black Widow as it left the laboratory.

Later, when the Pastmaster opened a time vortex in the mountains and summoned up the pyramid of Katchu Picchu, the mysterious storms and tremors were reported to the Enforcers, and a dispatcher duly informed the lead pilot of Mountain Sector’s Unit One.