Dr. Viper’s hulking assistant who had a distinct mushroom/broccoli shape with kat features (such as a nose and pointed ears) suggesting he was once a normal kat until mutated by Viper.

Originally created by Viper to help him steal Katalyst 100, the ravenous mushroom-kat remained by his side during his shaky alliance with Dark Kat and the Metallikats.

The creature was given some pet names during this time: Mac Mange called him “Fungus Fingers,” while Dark Kat called him “Fungus Face.”

Fully obedient to the mutated biochemist this mutation proved to be one of the Doctor’s more successful creations, possessing a wide range of facial expressions and the ability to make rational decisions, such as sneaking up on the guards at Megakat Biochemical Labs, and deducing that the mysterious figure in the raincoat infiltrating Dark Kat’s hideout on Megakat Island was in fact Commander Feral, and unmasking him.

Like most of Viper’s monsters he possessed a ravenous appetite and would eat any living thing he could get his tentacles on. He was also seemingly unkillable, surviving an explosion powerful enough to splatter him all over the Turbokat. Although presumably killed when Dark Kat blew up the Megakat Island lair, the mushroom monster’s ability to survive the earlier Megakat Biochemical explosion means he could’ve survived this, as well.


Although the mushroom monster had no speaking lines, his various vocalizations in Katastrophe were supplied by Frank Welker.