The pilots of Omega Squadron. They were all females, and Turmoil boasted that they were some of the finest pilots in the world and that no males could outperform them. That is, until the SWAT Kats came along. After Turmoil’s airship was destroyed, all of her pilots were arrested by the Enforcers.


In the unfinished episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge, the pilots would’ve been revealed to be imprisoned in Alkatraz alongside Turmoil and her lieutenant. After escaping, two of them assist the lieutenant in altering the Mega-Beam prior to its launch so that Turmoil can control it from her base, the Cloud Fortress. Instead of jets, the squadron protect the Cloud Fortress using high-tech gyrocopters. When Razor destroys the controls for the Mega-Beam, causing it to turn against the Cloud Fortress, they flee in their gyrocopters along with the lieutenant and the rest of Turmoil’s followers.